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Jeep And Ram Trucks Have Some Electrifying Plans For Sema 2022

Las Vegas will once again become home to countless numbers of automotive industry professionals, influencers, and media for the annual SEMA show. Set from November 1st through the 4th, the show (put on by Specialty Equipment Market Association) promises to showcase the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. While some larger manufacturers have pulled out of the SEMA show over the last few years, Stellantis is still attending in 2022, this time showcasing some exciting concepts…

How Porsche Just Became More Valuable Than Volkswagen

German powerhouses Volkswagen and Porsche have a long, storied past. The two automakers have intertwined in many ways over the past century. Among the more famous examples of their long history is the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle, designed by Ferdinand Porsche himself. Dubbed "the people's car", the Volkswagen Beetle revolutionized the automotive industry in Germany. The Beetle later went on to help revolutionize the global auto market.

The Sinister Lamborghini Urus S Hits Back Hard At The V12 Ferrari Purosangue

In a world filled with fire breathing SUVs, the Lamborghini Urus has become synonymous with the category. The Urus is outrageous in all aspects, style, performance, even pricing. Even so, the big Lambo tends to be the one that people think of most when the term "super SUV" gets tossed around. In the coming year, the other big Italian supercar manufacturer, Ferrari, is hoping to change the hearts and minds of potential buyers in the segment.

Here's Why The Rivian R1S Was Awarded The Highest Ever Doug Score Yet

American EV innovator Rivian is finally storming the American SUV market! YouTube star Doug Demuro gives the new Rivian R1S a thorough run down in a new video and has plenty to say about the revolutionary new SUV. Now, if you haven't heard of Doug, we'll give you a little context. With almost 4.5 Million subscribers, Doug is not only one of the more popular car YouTubers around, but he's also become a bit of an authority in the car review world.

A Guide To Buying A 1998-2005 Toyota Land Cruiser (Sixth Generation)

To say that the Toyota Land Cruiser is an icon would be a significant understatement. These vehicles need almost no introduction. In fact, no matter the location, it's likely that you've at the very least aware of the Land Cruiser. With a heritage starting in 1950's Japan, the line has evolved greatly, all while keeping the spirit of the original design language, carefully curated to create one of the most iconic Toyota vehicles.

Novitec Treats The 2022 Maserati MC20 With More Performance And Drama

The 2022 Maserati MC20 is no slouch from the factory. The $217,000 exotic car boasts a respectable 621 hp from its 3.0L twin turbo V-6 power plant. That's enough power to rocket the little Maserati from 0-60mph in the three-second range, depending on which publication you ask. The opinion seems to be unanimous, the MC20 is a relative performance bargain in its class. Beating up on much more expensive cars from McLaren, Lamborghini, and even it's stablemate Ferrari.

Here’s What The 2024 Ford Mustang GT Offers Over The Standard Pony Car

Ford has just released the newest version of its famed pony car, the 2024 Mustang. As with any Mustang release, this also means that there's a new Mustang GT for pony car lovers to envy. In typical Ford fashion, there is plenty to help differentiate the GT model from the base model cars. For as long as it's been available, the GT model of the Mustang has been the one that enthusiasts flock to. It's the cream of the crop, the every man's performance car.

How Street Racing Shut Down LA's Brand New Half-A-Bilion Dollar Bridge

The aptly named "ribbon of light" bridge, a replacement for the famous Los Angeles 6th Street Viaduct Bridge, has just been completed. Costing the city and taxpayers a lofty 588 million dollars, the project is a much anticipated update to the old bridge. The grand opening celebration started out calmly enough, with an estimated 15,000 people in attendance, local food, a classic car show, and plenty of city pride in the air. The excitement quickly turned to chaos in the coming days.

Unlike Any Other // Daisuke Araki's R33 GTR Skyline.

We’ve all seen how most articles about the R33 GTR Skyline start, the inevitable comparison . In fact, there are so many out there that compare the R33 GTR to the other Skyline generations that it’s crazy. Style-wise, the car gets a bad reputation, we all know this. As these come to age, especially from the US perspective, where they’re just becoming legal, right before we’re allowed the holy grail R34 GTR. I would dare to say that they’re starting to experience a bit of a renaissance period.
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